Sunday, March 6, 2011

Western love

Last Sunday I cast on for a little lace kerchief.  I have been craving lace. CRAVING it.  Little did I know that this project would only take two days of knitting to finish.  Another day for blocking, and DONE! A perfect little kerchief.

Pattern: Calamity Jane by Kirsten Hipskey (rav link)
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca Sport, 120 yards, 50 grams. Brown. 1 ball
Needles: US 6 addi lace
Mods: None.  I used blocking wires to get a really nice even block on the kerchief.  If you are interested in using the same yarn - after weaving in and blocking I literally had 4 inches of yarn left.  This is not hyperbole.  

I truly LOVED the knitting lace cast off, even though it took FOR-EV-ER.  For every two stitches you are actually binding off you knit 4 rows.  But still, I would do it all again in a heartbeat to get that beautiful serrated lace edge.  

This wasn't an intuitive lace project - there is no rhythm to the lace and memorization is all but impossible.  But it is such a little project the inconvenience of it is so worth it.  Now I want Frye boots, really tight denim, and a 1970 SS El Camino to blare Heart's Barracuda.  Yes, I am totally fantasizing about New Mexico, what of it?