Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Sunshine

Red Admiral

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Martyred Crosses....mitered, that is.

This project has been going on for over a year.  I work on it from time to time when it is convenient - it is really easy to pack a single square, especially when I have finished the center tiles and can start the log cabin borders.

Of course, I haven't worked on it in WEEKS, despite finally ordering and receiving the extra natural colored yarn I needed for the edges.  I have test knitting that is getting in the way of actually finishing any of my OWN knitting. For those of you who fantasize about knitting for a living? You will have very little knitting time for yourself.  I typically take about 3 projects a year for test knitting, and at the end of each project I am so excited to get back to my OWN projects and my OWN stash I kinda promise myself to not take on another project. But I have a hard time saying no.  About every three months.

So, yes. I am at the tail-end of another test knitting project.  In fact, it looks like I am going to have to rip out a few inches for the second time in order to accommodate a fancy bind off.  This is how I know test knitting is good for me. If it were my project I would just make do. For the designer I want to do good work. But it is actually thinking about other knitters 'out there' that I try to be super-duper careful.  It is for any knitter that may knit this project in the future that I double check my stitch counts, tear out for the umpteenth-time, or decide that you know, less than 5% yarn leftover just isn't enough of a yardage allowance given that not everyone does a gauge swatch. (REALLY, YOU SHOULD DO A GAUGE SWATCH!)

So, enjoy the pretty pictures while I go rip out again and think, with the righteousness of a martyr, that what I do is for the good of every knitter.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Let's try this again.



Better. Much better.


Heartfelt Ring

Small amounts of leftover Shetland wool will never again be wasted. And I kinda like the slightly itchy feeling on my finger....not to mention I can give "the bird" with love should I need to.


Pattern: Tiny Owl Knits Heartfelt Ring (*free pattern*) and adorable tutorial KAL video.

Yarn: bits of Shetland and Kauni Effeckt Yarn

Needles:US 7 dons

Size m, and a bit too big. I need to make another one, but smaller.


And if you can read this and the picture isn't too messed up, I can now successfully blog from my iPad!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cabin Fever

After a week of gorgeous 80 degree weather things have turned cold again - 30s in the morning, maybe getting to 50 for the high of the day.  Today was spent cleaning out the yard - or at least the most visible part of it.  I have kind neighbors, and they tell me how great my yard looks.  My next door neighbor promises to throw Virginia Bluebells over the fence into my yard once they go to seed. They don't last long, but I love their light green leaves and cheerful blue flowers.  I have a small, but growing patch of bluebells occupying a spot by the driveway.

Pictures from yesterday's walk in Okemos, Michigan.


Sunning turtles