Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cabin Fever

After a week of gorgeous 80 degree weather things have turned cold again - 30s in the morning, maybe getting to 50 for the high of the day.  Today was spent cleaning out the yard - or at least the most visible part of it.  I have kind neighbors, and they tell me how great my yard looks.  My next door neighbor promises to throw Virginia Bluebells over the fence into my yard once they go to seed. They don't last long, but I love their light green leaves and cheerful blue flowers.  I have a small, but growing patch of bluebells occupying a spot by the driveway.

Pictures from yesterday's walk in Okemos, Michigan.


Sunning turtles


  1. Beautiful. I'm envious of your bout of cooler weather- we've already had several days over 90. Boo! And no sunning turtles or bluebells!

  2. Love the line of turtles!