Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring walk

Today's walk. It has cooled down to a respectable 60 degrees today, and I only got hot once we crossed the tracks.  It was a snake-y day as you can see. I have been known to pick up baby snakes, but these were much bigger and faster than that, so there was no snake wrangling. Zeby paid almost no attention to them whatsoever.

We explored a new trail, met a dog named Jack and saw Mayapples emerging from the ground.  I should finish a knitting project today, which would be grand since I wanted it done by the end of the month.  Since I am also trying to prepare new classes for the shop, and have a test knit project to do, I really need to clear the board yet again!


  1. What classes are you planning on teaching? I wish I could take some but sadly I had to stay behind this weekend while my parents go to Michigan to a) take care of the cat, and b) go to work. Deadlines are such a spoilsport!

    Love those pretty blue flowers. The snakes are really cute too :)

  2. Oh I think I would die if I saw a snake on my walk. I'm such a chicken!