Monday, March 4, 2013

Snowshoeing and Tahquamenon Falls

There is little time for vacations these days - only a day or two to put off what should be already done. P put down all his work for three days straight to enjoy the cold and the snow in the U.P.  - where they had recently had a 38-inch snowfall.  Snowshoes were mandatory - without them the snow was thigh high.

straits of Macinac

virgin trail

breaking trail
trying to be patient
frozen falls

Tahquamenon Falls - lower falls
the Mackinac Bridge

We stayed in the log cabin again - snug as bugs!


  1. Looks LOVELY, and I'm so glad Dear P took some time off of to enjoy the weekend!

  2. Thirty-eight inches of snow is impressive! Is Zeby light enough to run atop the snow or do you have to clear a path for him (somehow dog snowshows seem like a bad, albeit adorable, idea!)?

    1. Definitely not light enough! He does well behind someone else packing down the snow, but every once in a while he found himself well up to his hips in snow. He was a real trooper and slept like a log Saturday night. No snowshoes for him - I can't even imagine what that would be like, but he had to wear a rubber booty on his injured foot. Poor Z!

  3. How nice that you got to enjoy the snow and some time away!