Sunday, September 19, 2010

Out the window

Knitting activity has slowed down a little bit in the last week - mostly due to some aching in my wrists.  I would like to avoid carpal tunnel if at all possible. So while I am still knitting, I am also icing my wrists, and wearing a brace on my right wrist at night.

But make no mistake, I am still knitting up a storm.  Since I last blogged I have completed two more hats, have nearly knit one mitten, and have gotten to the final stages of a pattern edit.  Not too shabby.

Instead of knitwear, I will leave you with a photo taken through the window.  There are many different kind of squirrels that live in our neighborhood. We have Eastern Grey Squirrels, Fox Squirrels, Black Squirrels (a mutation of the Eastern, or so I am told), and Red Squirrels.

When I lived back East, Red Squirrels were a little smaller than Easterns, and sometimes had little tufty ears.  In Michigan, Red Squirrels are much smaller, in fact, they are slightly larger than a chipmunk.
Red Squirrel
Oh, so cute!  I took about thirty photographs of this little guy.  Who could resist?


  1. Did your Dad prune that taxus?

  2. @Beazie Larned
    This taxus is on the front of the house. But the ones that Dad pruned are starting to fill in a bit!