Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Project 333

After reading about the project on Bev's blog, I thought long and hard about whether to do Project 333.  I love the idea of a minimalist but highly functional wardrobe.  I really don't have that many clothes.  Actually, strike that.  I don't have that many clothes THAT FIT.

wardrobe - missing, brown canvas jacket
Months upon months upon years of having "the blues" has left me with an uninspired wardrobe that was meant to "make-do" until I got back into the clothing that I still own and love, but cannot wear.  The only problem? I haven't worn my wool skirts since 2006.  My nice winter jacket won't button across my bust.  I have been "making-do" in my closet for far too long.

So I am taking the Project 333 challenge.  I will be restricting my wardrobe to 33 items for 3 months, including shoes, outerwear, and jewelry.  (Thank goodness gym-wear, unmentionables, and pjs don't count, that would be more than I could deal with on a day-to-day basis.)  And I will be working at getting back into my favorite clothes. I am tired of being uninspired by my own closet!

cashmere & textured shawl - missing grey swing cardigan & yoked cardigan  

My list for the next three months:

4 pairs of pants
3 sweaters
1 shawl
1 leather jacket
1 canvas jacket
1 pair flats
1 pair earth shoes
1 pair black boots
1 pair brown clogs
2 necklaces
2 pairs of earrings
1 bracelet
1 pair handknit mittens
2 long-sleeve t-shirts
6  t-shirts
1 knit top
2 button down blouses
1 silk shirt
1 briefcase bag

shoes - missing - earth shoes

    I reserve the right to replace items that fall apart.  My favorite black scoop neck t-shirt is getting pinholes at the hemline. And it will survive a few more weeks, but after that I am not so sure.  I also reserve the right to replace items that get stained or otherwise unwearable due to my own clumsiness. 

  My other caveat?  If I finish knitting a sweater I can add it to my wardrobe without taking something out. I can't imagine I will be able to finish more than two sweaters in three months.  But if I am knitting myself a garment, dammit, I am going to wear it!

I may have to make strategic changes to my choices. I always forget how cold I get in Michigan in winter.  But as I downsize myself, I hope that I can bring back in my favorite clothing, rather than gather more uninspired pieces.  

Project 333 starts on Friday.  I guess I will enjoy my sandals until then!


  1. It will be cold in No Minnesota before the end of 3 months, too. I am needing to budget in my mukluks and mittens!

  2. I'm glad you're joining, too! I've been on the search for a pair of slip on casual shoes. Bought Uggs clogs via Amazon, but I have to send them back as they don't fit right. Thinking about earth shoes--how do you like yours? This weekend I need to find a place to try some on.

  3. @Beverly
    Earth shoes are great - I have had mine since 2004 when I got them at Shoes on a Shoestring in ABQ! They take a little getting used to. If you get a pair, I recommend wearing them for one or two hours at the most at first. Your calves will stretch, you will stand straighter, but you don't want to overdo it that first time!

  4. I think I might have to steal this idea! Or Join I guess might be the better term. But gosh... one day to go through all my clothes? yikes! Better get a move on it...

  5. I like your gray flats (or what I can see of them). What's their story?

  6. I am doing the challenge and live in a northern climate. It was hard adding winter coat, mittens and hat to the list and taking out 3 other things that were more fun :-)

  7. @Meg Thanks! I love them, even though they will be HIGHLY impractical for this fall/winter. The flats actually have a peep toe, and I bought them when I went back to Albuquerque for a visit. They are these:

  8. @Carrie I am hoping that I can make it through December with the two jackets. If it gets too cold I will have to swap out my leather jacket for my ski coat!