Monday, October 25, 2010

Ann Arbor Fiber Expo

My return from Rhinebeck inevitably created a pschological slump.  There is nothing like spending a few days with friends, in an area that you love, with a chance to see your parents, AND throw in fiber in great quantities to make the next few days feel ho-hum.

Luckily the following Saturday (this past Saturday) I drove down to Ann Arbor for the Fiber Expo with a fiber friend.  And what an incredible little fair the Expo is becoming.  I believe this is the fourth year the expo has been put on, and this was my third time going, so I feel like I can speak to its changes.  Year by year the Fiber Expo has been getting bigger and better.  It is the perfect size really.  A few barns, enough vendors to spend a few hours, but not overwhelming in any way.  My only complaint? I was rammed by moms with strollers several times.  Double wide or double long strollers really should be banned - they are a menace!

I bought several hanks of roving, one ball of hand dyed worsted weight yarn, and some hand lotion made from Goat's Milk.

One of the calmer sections

My ban on buying sock yarn continues, so I didn't buy the yarn that most caught my eye and continues to create little moments of longing.

Happy Fuzzy Yarn - fingering weight
I can't begin to describe how incredibly saturated the color is in Happy Fuzzy Yarn.  They had a very limited palate range for the worsted weights, which is the ONLY reason I didn't come home something from their booth.  My b'day friend ponied up and bought a skein of sock yarn - one of those magenta & green skeins you can see on the right.  I am still whimpering.

Photos of what I bought to come!

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