Monday, February 28, 2011

Koi Koi Kai-Mei Handknit Socks

Sock yarn has been an addiction of mine from the moment I started knitting socks.  Back in my "corporate" days (ha! I worked for an art gallery in New York and a non-profit arts organization in Albuquerque, not exactly 'corporate' by most people's standards) I often travelled for work. P and I also travelled a lot, sometime for his work, but often just because we could.  And everywhere I went I would hunt down the local yarn shop(s) and get a skein of sock yarn.  This led to an enormous collection of sock yarn.

It is a little embarrassing that I stopped counting my sock yarn once I knew I had enough yarn for 60 pairs. Erhh-hem.  Yeah.  Hence the sock yarn embargo I have been on for... eight months? Perhaps longer.  The embargo will continue until Rhinebeck 2011 or the end of the year, depending upon how many skeins I use up.  And then it will be a controlled purchase.  (And then the embargo will be active again.)

So it looks like 2011 will be the year to use up fingering weight yarn. (My regular fingering weight yarn is not pictured above. Seriously)

My newest finished project?

Pattern: Kai-Mei by Cookie A.
Yarn: Socks that Rock lightweight in the colorway Koi Koi
Needles: US 1.5
Mods: Other than knitting on two circs, none. I really wanted to give this pattern an honest knit through without messing with it. I prefer to knit my socks toe-up, but the butterfly details extending from the gusset would have presented a fairly difficult change.  Almost every pair of socks that I have knit cuff down have been Cookie A. patterns by-the-way. I guess I feel they are the only ones worth the anxiety of possibly running out of yarn before the toes are finished.

Photo shoots are few and far between around here due to some serious lack of daylight these days in Michigan.  Even the brighter days barely produce the diffuse daylight a decent photo requires.  And there can be other challenges too.

Like a corgi who wants to know why I am hanging upside down to take a photo of my feet!


  1. Bit it's such PRETTY sock yarn!

    When I take sock photos, I put the camera on the floor, set it for the delay function (10 seconds is usually enough) then go stand in front of the camera. Avoids the pets-wondering-what-is-going-on syndrome.

  2. I love the shelf unit. Where did you purchase it? Not that I would ever buy something exactly the same!

  3. You wouldn't happen to want to trade sock yarn for hand made soap, LOL? You are so well endowed! I just recently learned how to make socks and it is my newest passion but I am forbidden from buying new yarn. My gramma gifted me her stash but I am in red heart h*ll, Haha! Maybe some gypsy will take one of my children for wool...