Sunday, July 3, 2011

Daybreak in stash

This was my June stash project - two skeins of Madtosh Sock and a lovely half-circle shawl by Stephen West.

Pattern: Daybreak, by Stephen West, size medium (16 stripes)
Yarn: Madtosh Sock in Turquoise (color A) and fig (color B)
Needles: Size 4
Notes: The first section went quickly, but the counting for the increases started to cause grief. I finally paid attention to the math and realized that with every pattern repeat you add 3 to find your middle increase stitch.  So, if your previous row counted 11 stitches to the increase, then your next increase row would count 14 then increase.  Vague? It will make sense if you have the pattern.  I also found that I used a lot more of my color B than the pattern stated.  I have just a few grams left, so be careful if you take on this project!

My Daybreak is lovely and subtle and rich.  And sadly, it is finally too warm in Michigan to wear it.  So I hope that my one week vacation in the Adirondacks at the end of August will be cool. Otherwise it will be pulled out in October for cooler days and Rhinebeck!