Friday, December 9, 2011

I have no business....

...swatching.  But at least I have enough yarn in my stash for the entire project.  And I am totally digging on the wooly-wool.  I am using Elemental Affects, Rowan Scottish Tweed, Rowan Yorkshire Tweed, and Jamieson & Smith on US 3 needles.

Colorwork is a wonderful antidote for super simple and mindless stockinette.  There is something incredibly soothing about working with odd numbers.  The rhythm is natural and flowing.  This swatch was to verify my color choices rather than checking my gauge.  I find that I can only check my gauge for colorwork when working in the round.  I am not sure if the lack of purling really changes my gauge; I think it is more likely the fact that I knit colorwork with both hands.  Since I naturally knit English, my continental gauge is significantly looser.  In the above swatch I was working the brown color with my right hand and the contrast color with my left.

So I did my provisional cast-on, knit the brim lining, knit my turning row, worked the colorwork brim, unzipped the cast-on, and worked the two live edges together. So in a few inches I will know if I am using the right needle!


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