Sunday, June 19, 2011


I have owned my spinning wheel since August 2006 when my husband surprised me for my birthday. Unbidden, he researched wheels and bought me a fantastic intro wheel - an Ashford Elizabeth.  I had taken a quick drop-spindle class in Albuquerque, but had no experience on a wheel.  So I have been largely self-taught.

One of the many things I love about my LYS, Woven Art, is the variety of fiber activities you can indulge in.  Knitting? Of course! Crocheting? Sure! Weaving? You bet!  Spinning? YEP!  The local spinning guild, Flock University, meets at the shop on the fourth Tuesday of the month.  And one of the guild committee members often offers classes at the shop. And finally, after much schedule-wrangling and more than a little good luck, I am taking a class. It is a three-parter, and yesterday was part two - plying.

On the left: my practice plying from class. On the right: merino & silk from Yarn Hollow.

The most valuable thing I have learned? That if I want to get better and more consistent I need to CONCENTRATE. Oh yeah, and practice. Go figure.


  1. What fiber did you use for practice plying? It's such a pretty color and so evenly spun too.

    Also, are you joining the Tour de Fleece on Ravelry? I've joined a team in the hopes that I will practice a bit every day too.

  2. @ Kristina
    I think the white was a merino. It was given to me by the instructor, so I don't have it written down.

    I probably won't be joining the Tour de Fleece. BUT I am doing ILSSA's Plead For Skills Festival on 7/7. And I figure hand-spinning is certainly an Impractical Labor!