Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Favorite Thing

I like to wear perfume. For years I wore Gucci Rush in the winter.  It was the most hypnotic, complex, warm perfume I had ever come across. It was too heavy to wear in the summer, at which time I would switch to the Demeter lines.  Mojito, Gin and Tonic, Tomatoes, Green Tea, Early Grey were all perfect and light.  And then I found Demeter's Fig Leaves.  It was complex, but light. It had a plant muskiness that I loved but didn't make the scent heavy.  And now I am out of it, and I still have three Demeter perfumes that are partially used.  So, I am not going to reorder just now.


Now I can moisturize AND get the lovely scent of Fig leaf!  Available at World Market.


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