Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Resetting the clock to zero

The long and short of it is, I had a medical procedure done, and decided that I needed a treat on my way home.  The doctors and nurses all advised me not to make any legal or financial decisions today due to the Propofol I had.  Eh, what's a little yarn?

MadelineTosh Prairie (lace) in Logwood.

Treat achieved. This will probably become a beaded lace shawl. Logwood steps outside my normal color-comfort area - I am not a purple lover. 

And now my coldsheep clock resets to zero.


  1. We will be home tomorrow. Is the procedure as serious as last time? It sounds like not since you are using the yarn cure.
    Missing you,

    1. No, it isn't crazy thoracic surgery this time, but I was anesthetized, and the prep was horrific. (You can probably guess what it was now!) The yarn was entirely therapeutic!