Saturday, January 14, 2012

Finished Hat: Caller Herrin'

This beautiful hat was my Christmas travel project. Small enough to fit in my lap, interesting enough to keep me knitting through Ohio.  And each of the four colors came from stash. Sometimes it really is an advantage to having a big yarn collection!

Pattern: Caller Herrin' by Kate Davies
Yarn: Brown - Elemental Affects in Moorit. Blue - Jamieson & Smith 2-ply. Natural - Rowan Scottish Tweed 2-ply (discontinued). Purple - Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 2-ply (discontinued).
Needles: US 2.5 and US 3, but I think I could have gone down to a US 2 and a US 2.5 to get better gauge.
Mods: I reduced the colors from six to four because I had four good colors that would work together in my stash - trying to get six just wasn't going to happen. I left off the i-cord edging because my hat is a little big, but come to think of it, I could probably bind-in the brim a bit if I skipped a stitch here and there along that edging....hmmm. Ah well. I love colorwork, I love Kate Davies' patterns, and I was happy to have this project with me throughout my Christmas travels. Another reason to love it - I can wear it with a ponytail.


It has been snowing for the last two days, and I am so happy.  The winter so far has been strangely warm and dry, with too much mud on the trails to use them regularly.  I decided that the photoshoot for my new hat would be fun to do on our trail walk in the snow.  Watching Zeby enjoying the snow was certainly a highlight - he races around, sticks his whole face into drifts, and chases after scents perfectly preserved in the cold.

He usually ends up with a bit of a snowy beard though, and sometimes snowballs form in his armpits and in the fur between his pads.

Now to make some tea, curl up with some lovely wool, and watch the birds come to the feeder outside our window.


  1. Very nice Caller Herrin. I like the natural colors. I'm strongly drawn to fair isle knits in natural colors but have never done it myself, it's definitely on my to do list.