Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finished Project: Taos Herringbone Cowl

Another November 2011 finished project - remember this?  I broke out my favorite lipstick for the occasion. Michigan winter pale skin + Revlon Coral lipstick is a powerful combination. I don't normally have the stamina to wear this lipstick on a daily basis - way too much reapplication has to happen - but for a two hour class it doable.  And for photos it is fun!

Pattern: Herringbone Cowl by PurlSoho
Yarn: I had it marked as Carol Mullen's handdyed singles, but I honestly don't know what it really is. I bought it at the Taos Wool Festival during my bachelorette weekend.  I am guessing this project used up about 400 yards.
Needles: US 15s, and I probably could have gone to US 17
Mods: Eh, I just knit until I ran out of yarn, which was a little earlier than I had actually hoped for, because I had to use another yarn by the same hand dyer (luckily in a brown that matched my variegated) to finish the bind off.

This was a slightly tedious knit, but since I did most of it when laid low with a cold, I didn't mind it. Sometimes repetition is soothing.

I have created a wonderful little nest on my couch for knitting, so I have been finishing things left, right, and center. I think I will spend February catching up the blog on all of those projects!

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  1. I have that cowl in my Rav favorites. I was going to use plain old white. Yours looks much nicer with all those colors!