Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Captain Nemo meets Ahab

Today I dove into my jewelry box and dug out an old favorite bracelet of mine - the dangling octopus!

He is holding onto a polished agate.  I believe this was an Albuquerque thrift store find, because the metal is just garbage, but I probably bought it for $1, so there you go.  I used to wear this bracelet on days when I knew I wouldn't be: 

1. typing all day 
2. handling artwork 
3. wearing a fine knit top (his little arms are snaggy).

Sadly, I forgot #3, because I wore a fine knit top today and he snagged it TWICE.

This morning I decided to do the whole Oceanographic thing, and I pulled out another Albuquerque find - my little scrimshaw necklace.

It is a bit Moby Dick meets 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, but it made me happy that I was thematic today.  I guess I could have added my coral earrings....


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