Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mini Vacation

Sunset on Lake Michigan
Our vacation Up North was wonderful. P was able to recover from a super stressful semester, and bounced back remarkably fast.  The highlights of the trip were:

* Waking up to beautiful Elk Lake every morning! 
* A 32-mile bike ride from Acme to nearly Suttons Bay. (I received sunburn for all my hard work.)
* Sunset at Leland.
* Watching Zeby swim in Elk Lake (way too cold for humans).

P checking the map on the TART trail at Boardman Lake.

I also went to one of the local yarn stores, Lost Art, and picked up another skein of Classic Elite's Vail. Now I finally have enough yardage to do a colorwork scarf I have been putting together in my head.

Plus, I have started mitered cross seventeen!


  1. HEY!! You were in my neck of the woods :)

    1. You're RIGHT! It was tons of fun. Hope I can get North more often!