Friday, May 4, 2012

Lucky 13

The sounds of chainsaws and wood chippers are abundant this morning! At least the city is fast. It was a miracle that the remaining section of the city tree didn't come down last night - we had severe thunderstorms with high winds and driving rain.

Meanwhile, I have been in denial, knitting. I won't think about the loss of that White Pine. sigh.

My thirteenth block marks the change of one growing season's worth of wool to a second year's growth - the most natural of dye lots! You can see all four mini-square miters are much cooler in tone, and the section where I transitioned from one year to the next are a bit more brown. Since my blocks are going to be mixed in randomly, I rather like the change in color.

Last night I started block fourteen - you can just see my first tile. I am not sure if I am going to adhere to the design of the blanket and have my blocks staggered - I would have some filler blocks to knit - or if I will just do a 5 x 5 block blanket. If that is the case I have eleven blocks to go - maybe a goal for the end of the year?

The pattern is Mitered Crosses Blanket -- For Japan. My yarns are Kauni in the EZ and EB colorways, and Elemental Affects in mioget, a natural undyed color.

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  1. I really like the shift from one season to the next, it echoes what the colors are doing in the Kauni!