Sunday, May 27, 2012

Like a duck swimming

All calm above the water, while a flurry of activity under.  It is all yard work, all the time around here, with brief breaks at the heat of the day, or during sudden thunderstorms for a queue-jumping knitting project - Aranami.

Since this photo was taken I have finished the rust, and I am about to start on my last color - black.

I have also: edged half of the back yard, weeded out multiple beds, raked and hacked back ground cover to recover a path, planted my single tomato plant (P can't eat raw tomatoes), transplanted one hosta and planted it as five hostas, swept the driveway, cleaned out the garage, found a new home for 45 cinder blocks, planted three large planters, set up our hose system, staked the peonies, and mulched.

All I am fit for tonight is a beer and garter stitch. Oh yeah, and a shower.

1 comment:

  1. My goodness you got a lot accomplished! Your Aranami looks beautiful. I like the colors you chose. The rust is going to look great with it.