Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

Today's yard work (and workout with the trainer) was rewarded by a North Peak Nomad Dry Cider and a little bit of knitting while watching P mow the lawn. (Real men use Reel mowers, btw.)

Today also saw the departure of the remaining scrubby trees along the side of our house where the city tree came down. The area in question is just beyond P - you can see the fence is not exactly complete there.

Tomorrow P and I are headed north for a mini vacation. It can be really challenging to find a few days for fun and relaxation, especially when one's husband is a part-time law student and a part-time (hah!) doctor. A little change of scene is definitely in order!

When I get back I have to face the herb garden - actually putting it in this year. The chives are about to bloom. I have gifted tarragon waiting for me in a plastic bag, and bee balm self-seeding itself EVERYWHERE.  The reason I am putting this off? My monster of a Japanese Anemone needs to be transplanted.  That is going to be a job and a half, and despite my best efforts, the plant might not survive.  Sigh.

But I am not going to worry my pretty little head about that now! Vacation. YAY!

p.s. my knitting is the center tiles of square SIXTEEN.


  1. yay vacation! i hope you don't see my comment till you get back!

    your yard is beautiful, angry falling trees and self-seeding bee balm notwithstanding. :-)

  2. Hope you two have a great trip!