Monday, November 21, 2011

Deep Autumn

I am knitting with a lovely wooly-wool: Imperial Stock Ranch Native Twist. It is luscious and thick in my fingers, and still has traces of the ranch about it in both the vegetal matter I find (infrequently), and the slight scent of lanolin.  As hearty as oatmeal, and it makes me so happy.

Sometimes it is hard to get some knitters to see the virtue of a real honest wool. Not superwash, not merino, not scoured and dyed within an inch of its life. Just a real honest wool. And that is what Native Twist is all about. Honesty. And wholesomeness.

I am so thankful that I have another 7 skeins in my stash for this project, with miles and miles of garter stitch ahead of me. As it gets bigger and bigger in my lap I am enjoying its warmth and marveling at its simple beauty.  It is a soft spun single, a great stand in for Lopi, if you can't locate the real deal (or can't get to Iceland). 

My color? Pearl grey. Un-dyed. Perfection.


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