Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shop Model: Pembroke Wrap

At the end of the summer I got to knit a Pembroke Shawl as a shop model for Woven Art.  The shop carries Imperial Stock Ranch Bulky 2 strand, a wonderful unspun "yarn" that comes in large cakes.  You must work from the outside in with these cakes because the fiber is so unspun it will just separate.  It is a lot of fun to work with, although I would be careful if you are a tight knitter, because it won't stand up to much tugging.

Pattern: Pembroke Wrap by Andrea Rangel. Interweave Knits Magazine, Fall 2011
Yarn: Imperial Stock Ranch Bulky 2 Strand, 2 cakes, primrose.
Needles: US 13
Mods: None!

Blocking was a little hair-raising. I was dually afraid of both felting the yarn and having it come apart in my hands if it got snagged on my wedding ring.  I very carefully soaked it, then pressed it to a damp state between two towels. Then I laid it flat to dry and pulled it into shape. I didn't pull out the points during blocking, but I may just re-block it to get the scalloped edge.

If you are not familiar with Imperial Stock Ranch I HIGHLY recommend knitting with their yarn.  The Bulky 2 strand is unusual in its un-pun, cake-y state, and still has traces of the Ranch about it.  I have knit another one of their yarns and love that just as much.  It really should be better known than it is!

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  1. One of my friends is knitting a pair of mittens with the discontinued sock yarn. It would be the perfect yarn for a pair of colorwork mittens, and now that I know about it, I'm really sad that they've discontinued it!