Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last stash acquisitions

A few weekends ago I indulged in my last fiber festival of the year - the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo. It always lands the weekend after Rhinebeck.  This means three things.

1. I am a bit strapped for cash
2. I am completely unwilling to wait in lines.
3. I am yarn-jaded.

The advantage to waiting one week - I had scheduled to teach classes all that week!  I put my hard-earned bills in the back of my wallet where I normally don't keep anything, and just kept adding to what my mom would call "mad money" until there were actual bills to count and sort.  

One of the many wonderful thing about AAFE is that there are no lines. At least, not at the booths I was shopping.  I went down on Sunday morning (worked at my LYS on Saturday) and headed straight for the booth I had to tear myself away from last year.  (I was on a strict no-sock-yarn diet.)  Happy Fuzzy Yarn has really beautifully dyed yarn, and, lo! I was no longer jaded.

Happy Fuzzy Yarns 100% BFL in Shadow, 5 mini skeins (~50yds a piece)
 I love this color blue - it is the color of a very cold Atlantic ocean in January when you are freezing your face off on the beach. In some lights it is nearly black, in others blue and green and grey. Perfect!

Happy Fuzzy Yarns 100% BFL in Rust, 1 mini skein (60 yards)
And a skein of Rust - one of my favorite colors ever. I remember having a pair of rust-colored corduroy jeans when I was a girl (in the late 70s to early 80s you could find such colors for little kids) and they were my favorite!  I was thought to be a little weird at school when I was asked what my favorite color was. "Rust!" I replied. And then when I saw kids' faces.  "...and blue!" Ah, yes. Much more normal.

Fingering, 75% wool, 25% nylon, colorway Tiger's Eye
Tiger's Eye is a beautiful skein that spans blacks, opalescent browny-purples, heathery-tans, golden-browns and yellowy-creams. I have no idea how it will knit up, but I am intrigued!

Finishing up at AAFE, I got to meet Humphrey the camel, but by the time I got to the back of the last barn I was out of money. And I merely enjoyed watching kids feed him bits of hay while their mothers looked at Humphrey's fiber.

The last stash-addition to my year. Lovely!


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