Saturday, November 19, 2011


Winter in mid-Michigan is not for the faint of heart. Grey skies move in and settle for nearly 5 months.  It is the prospect of 5 months of gloom that have me checking airline flights to the desert southwest for some sunshine therapy.  Hell, I will even consider Phoenix, I am THAT desperate.  That, and the dwindling prospects of both our green chile supply and our Frontier tortillas could only lead to further depression. I won't make it through this winter without green chile stew.

Today's gloom was illustrated during a photo session for a future post.  There was barely enough light to generate enough contrast to show off some cable/fancy work. Really?  I am so glad I bought my first crate of Clementines a few days ago. It will be non-stop citrus fruit from now until April.

I really shouldn't drink when I am noticing these things. But the wonderfully strong Dragon's Milk from the Holland Brewing Company (Holland, Michigan) is a favorite.  And my friend took me to the local dive bar in my neighborhood for the first time, even though P and I have lived in the house for FOUR YEARS.

Ok, time for a big glass of water and some shut-eye. The cat is beginning to harass me which means it is past her bedtime.


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