Saturday, November 26, 2011

Low-end Antique Mall

There are two antique malls I like to frequent in my general area.  One is well-run, with dealers who know what they are selling.

The other? Not so much:

At the "other" Antique mall I saw two old swifts, one was tagged as a Weasel, but it didn't pop or count in any way that I could tell - so I am guessing both were swifts. And I also saw a fairly bedraggled single-treadle Saxony style spinning wheel missing its flyer, drive band, and the attachment between the footman and the treadle. I didn't try to identify the wheel to see if replacement parts would be readily available, but at $125.00 it could find a good home and be a useful wheel again.


  1. Hahaha "sewing" needles!

    The wheel sounds intriguing, though, especially if it could be fixed. Maybe Jesse might be interested in it, I think she wanted to start spinning soon?

  2. @Kristina She might be, but I don't know if she wants to go to the expense of getting one that isn't in good nick!