Friday, November 4, 2011

Fantasizing about Closures

Well, that title should get me some interesting hits.  I have been home sick for the last few days - and in fact, have been sick on and off for two weeks. It is a very good thing that Mucinex DM is non-habit forming, because I have been living on the stuff.  I wish I could be back at work but when you provide customer service all the time, coughing like a TB patient is not attractive and probably not good for business.

So. I have been finishing up projects here and there. Currently I am ribbing my brains out on a little short sleeve cardigan.  Because I modified it to fit me I was giving some serious thought to how I want the cardi to close.  Being big busted makes those casual open-cardigans slightly impractical.  The fronts just don't lay correctly when there is a lot of terrain to cover and no way to lock things down.  So I started thinking about large coat hooks & eyes like these to make the front edges meet up. Then I wouldn't have to do a buttonhole.

But then I got to thinking about seeing Andrea a few weeks ago.  She is a rep for a number of lines, but in this case, she reps for Jul.  She showed me the new Jul french curve closures.  They are leather paired with the brilliant pedestal button so that you can close just about anything WITHOUT a buttonhole or sewing. Oh glory be!

JUL product catalogue page
My sweater is a beautiful rusty color in Plymouth Tweed 5313, which now appears to be alarmingly discontinued.  Really? These are the colors Plymouth are keeping? Are they HIGH?*  Ugh. Guess I better finish this puppy up fast if I need an extra ball. There aren't THAT many left at Woven Art.

So I am trying to figure out, do I want the chocolate, black, or chestnut French Curve? (I am not a patent leather kinda girl, so that is out.)   I think the chocolate might go best, but that chestnut gives me heart palpitations. Am I the only one who had a thing for Oxblood Docs back in the early 90s?  Loved them so much. Be still my heart.  So my guess is actually the chocolate might go best, the black would be the most practical (boring!), and the chestnut might make me incapable of looking away from my own front for any length of time.

What are your thoughts?

*Apparently not high, just discontinuing the yarn. Double ugh.

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  1. CHESTNUT!!!!!!! GO FOR IT, SISTER. You know love when you see it.